What can you do to make your office more economical?

Looking after the environment is not just something we should do but it is a responsibility that all of us have. That doesn’t stop when we go to work. In fact in an office environment we should make more of an effort to conserve resources and as a bonus it saves money for the business owner. But what exactly can we do to make our office space more environmentally friendly? Well here’s a few tips:eco friendly

Stay off standby

In an office it is guaranteed that there will be high electricity usage and in this technologically age that is not something that we can really ignore. However all electrical items have a standby mode and although the equipment is not necessarily on it is still using energy. Therefore it is important that when a piece of equipment is not being used it should be turned off at the plug rather than staying in standby mode.

Lights Off

Much like standby mode we don’t always use lights. If your office is lucky enough to have lots of natural light then use this instead of using lighting equipment. When using any lighting equipment also try to stick to economy saver bulbs that will use much less current. Finally when a light is not being used turn it off, something that every office will find easy. Furthermore why not go for light sensors, meaning the lights stay on when they detect activity.

Double glazing

Every office has windows, in fact it is important to productivity that workers can see the outdoors however a lot of heat can be lost through windows meaning you are wasting resources, not being sustainable and furthermore wasting money. If you install double glazing from Thermoglaze you can reduce the amount of heat lost in the office meaning you will be spending less on your heating bill in the colder months.


Recycling should be an important part of your office being environmentally friendly. Waste products should be recycled so they can be used again. This reduces plastic pollution and is a great way to help conserve our environment. If you are finding it difficult to get your staff on board why not offer incentives to those who recycle properly.


Travelling is an important part of any business. It is the way in which any business owner can broaden their horizons and expand as well as making important connections that can hell their business at a later date. Travelling however is perhaps the largest contributor to polluting the environment causing the greenhouse effect. Encourage workers to seek more environmentally friendly ways to travel to and from their job such as taking the bus or even cycling. As for travelling for business trips perhaps hire minibus services or travel by ferry in order to reduce your air miles.

These are just but a few ways to help your environment through the office but as a business owner you can implicate them as and how you please. You will find in the long run not only does


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