What are the 5 types of content packaging Machines?


In all types of industries may it be industrial, agricultural, medicinal etc., it is very essential to have a type of packaging machinery used in the manufacturing of their goods and commodities. These packaging machines are typically used in the manufacturing industries not just in the country but all around the globe. Statistics say that the biggest percentage that uses these machines are the ones in the industrial sector specifically, food and beverage manufacturing industries. We could see in the next rank, the pharmaceutical industries is the largest user.

What do we have to know about what content packaging machines are? Let us first give the definition of the term packaging. Packaging means the science, art and technology of keeping the products or goods safe by enclosing them for protection and easy distribution.

There are general functions of content packaging that a machine performs. It is subdivided into two:

  1. Primary packaging

-It Is the type of packaging which applies directly to the contents of the product being packed. Like for example, a can is a primary content packaging as it encloses  the product directly to its contents.


  1. Secondary packaging

Obviously, this type of packaging comes after the primary. Its main purpose is to pack goods and commodities for easy distribution. Example, the cans of sardines are not delivered to stores by can, they are placed inside the carton–another package to distribute them conveniently.

Take note that in choosing the packaging machinery in your manufacturing process, you need to consider various situations and circumstances which include: the machine technology, available area or floor space, integration, budget and other miscellaneous cost that comes with its operation.

At this point, let us discuss the

Packaging machines can be of the following types:

  1. Cartoning machines

As we all know, carton erector machines are one of the basic packaging types we always use. This type of machine makes carton. Its basic mechanism is forming a standard 6 side square and rectangular shapes.

  1. Bottling Equipment

Of course, we all know that this type of packaging machine is involved commonly in sealing or packing pastes and liquids or sometimes capsules and tablets for solids. If you are in the manufacturing industry, the substance to pack is one thing to be considered. A proper research should be done prior to the purchase of this type of machine. A bottle packaging machine ranges from manual, semi-automatic and automatic. This could be further modified according to the needs of the manufacturers.

  1. Conveyors

These are packaging equipment that carry ingredients, products, containers, packs or packaging components from one place to another.  Its main function is  to assist in the sorting and distribution of items during production and packaging .

  1. Capping Machines

This type of packaging machine complements the bottle machines. Of course bottles need to be sealed properly and this type of machine does the job of ensuring the quality of the product and its safe transportation. Without the caps, the entire product will be damaged.

  1. Food Processing Machinery

This content packaging machinery is tasked to transform raw ingredients into food. Examples of the machines on this type is brine mixing and storage equipment, liquefaction and fermentation machines,  cooking and proofing machineries and many more!



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