What does a DBS check consist of?

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service for examining and analysing the past or historical records of a person. Convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands are looked at while running the DBS check. The DBS checks and evaluations can be executed against the adult and the children’s barred list as per the role your applied job demands.

The local police might contain soft intelligence against an individual

Disclosures or DBS checks might also include the soft intelligence that is held by the police. There is no mandatory element that the soft intelligence is possessed by the PNC or the Police National Computer. For instance, an individual has not been convicted of any offense or crime, but the local police possess the intelligence. DBS check includes such instances as well since it can affect the eligibility of a person for the specific job requirement.

The different types of DBS checks

When your job profile demands for a DBS checking service, you must be aware of the three different types of checks that are available. If you work for Cognita schools, you will definately have to have  a DBS check.The types of checks solely depend on the types of job and the duties and roles that you have to play. They are:

The basic level DBS check

This disclosure or DBS check is not specifically related to any particular job. It is accessible to anyone looking for a certificate. It is mainly used for personal license holders and couriers.

The standard level DBS check

The standard DBS check is provided as per the legislative account. Professionals like solicitors, barristers and accountants require such disclosure checks.

The enhanced level DBS check

This is a detailed disclosure check or evaluation specifically for those candidates whose work association includes children and vulnerable adults.

How do you get a DBS check?

Whether you are aware or not, but the fact is that you cannot apply for the DBS check directly. In case, you require the Disclosure and Barring Service check for your job role and duties, it will be arranged by your employer or the organization you are employed with. All that you need to do is fill a form and give the correct personal details that provides with your identification. For instance, driving license, passport and National Insurance Number. Your recent address also needs to be filled in.

DBS check fee is applicable

In order to carry out the DBS check for your job, there is a processing fee that is applicable. It ranges from 26 pounds to 44 pounds, depending on the type of the check (basic check, standard check and the enhanced check) you are seeking for. You have to find whether the organization or the employer is sponsoring for the DBS check or not. In case you are a volunteer, the DBS check is free. In case you wish to give a check to your criminal record all by yourself, you can apply to the Disclosure Scotland in order to do it, even if you don’t reside in the country. There is a service charge for it.


Why to invest into commercial property

Buying commercial real estate property and investing money on it requires a lot of skill and experience. You need to have complete and thorough knowledge of the market conditions and the following the trends get a hint of the future conditions and then accordingly make the decision and invest capital. Devoid of any emotions and feelings you are into this field all you have think is about your profits and the returns that the property will yield you. As a businessperson you have to keep track of the entire global market and then act accordingly. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable and is not confident, you can always hire a professional commercial real estate expert and a team of end of tenancy cleaners from London like Cleaners of London, to cover any cleaning needs. They can make sure that you are buying the right property for you and that it is immaculate before moving in.

Getting hold of the correct expert

If you look around in the market, you will find that there are so many different commercial property consultants operating and asserting for the best offers and functions. But in reality, there are very few who can actually stand out from the rest and deliver at the optimal level. Hence, it is your responsibility to get hold of a qualified and experience specialist who can handle the entire situation convincingly well.

There are several benefits of investing in a commercial property. Let us have a look at them.

The commercial property rental income is higher

One of the main benefits of investing in a commercial property is the earning potential through the rentals. As compared to the residential rentals, the revenue earning and the profit margin in the commercial property rentals is more. The price and the profit earning depend on the locality of the commercial property and the size of the space.

No landlord and tenant relationship, but more of a business relationship

Usually the owners of the commercial properties are not individuals. They are LLCs, and function the property solely as a business purpose. Hence, unlike the landlord and the tenant relationship in the residential property, the relationship with the commercial property is more of a business. The interactions are always professional in nature. The relationship can be best presented as “business-to- business customer relation.

There is flexibility in the lease terms

You can enjoy better flexibility with respect to the lease terms and conditions. There are several state laws, like the limits for security deposits, termination regulation and so on in the residential real estate property. On the other hand, there are very few protection rules and regulation that you need to abide by the commercial property leases. Basically, the governing laws do not bind you.

If you are sure about investing in a commercial property for your business, you have to understand that you need to commit time for finding the right property. Furthermore, a professional help is always recommended. Consulting a commercial property consultant is beneficial. It is because he/she is an expert in the field and has a deep understanding and knowledge on the same. Choosing the right property is not a challenge anymore and you can solely focus on your business, while the expert can look after the property hunting.


The Basics of the EIS: What is it and What are its Benefits To Your Business?

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has rose to fame quickly to fame. What is this and why has it become so popular? EIS is basically a type of investment scheme with very promising tax reliefs. It provides a very efficient way to invest in the new share of the small business. This is known and widely used by the government of United Kingdom for their entrepreneurs who need enough capital to develop their product and services or to strengthen their marketing strategies. This system is purposely designed to give capitals for the rising or starting companies of the country. These companies are believed to grow as UKs successful enterprises, which is why an EIS fund from LBA encourages investors to invest in a variety of small, high-risk trading companies.Social-Enterprise-Flow-Chart-Graphic


How could you access Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)?

Those who are granted with this tax relief are only those who invest in the shares of a minor/small, company who have approximately the number of 250 employees or less. In addition to this, take note that when we say small companies, it means that its maximum gross assets before the investment should not be more than £15 million. Another criterion for the granting of EIS is, the company applying for should be an unlisted company. Meaning to say, the company should not be identified as part of the major stock market. They are an exception to the Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) because they are very risky to deal with.


What are the Upsides of the EIS?

The EIS has an astonishing tax benefits. Which is why so many entrepreneurs are applying for this. The tax benefits of this investment scheme are the following:

  • There is a total of 30% upfront Income Tax relief for those investors who invest for a period of 3 years and more. This is only applicable also, to a maximum investment of £1 million and a minimum of £500 worth of shares per annum. More than the said amount stated is not applicable. The good thing about this is that, this tax break could be carried back to the preceding tax year.
  • Another surprising benefit of Enterprise Investment Scheme is the 100% Inheritance Tax relief on the condition of having the investment to at least 2 years at the period of death.
  • Unlike the other investment scheme, EIS has capital gains tax rearrangement or exemption for the life of the said investment. However, this is only applicable if the shares are disposed of after three years.
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme is also a tax-free growth.
  • EIS gives the companies the opportunity to develop and grow through the funding of the investors. As for the investors, EIS is less risky especially when the investors spread their investments to other companies.
  • What makes this scheme even more attractive is, EIS provides tax relief from investment losses.

Now, if you are planning to invest in EIS companies, then it is best recommended for you to study and research about its disadvantages also. The above-mentioned upsides are very enticing but again, you have to think critically and know the risks too.






When Should You Hire A Financial Advisor For Your Business

Sometimes hiring a financial advisor for your company can seem like an alien concept. This is because most people have too much pride and think that when it comes to their company’s finances they can handle it. In some cases they might be right however the finance industry is a lot more difficult than it may seem. There are a lot of issues that can affect the running of your day-to-day business and if you don’t navigate the financial field correctly you may even end up facing sanctions. But what issues can come up if you don’t seek the help of an expert like Pragmatic Compliance?finance


Running a business can be tricky especially when it comes to seeking investments for funding. Investors want to know what they are getting into and they expect a clear business plan and how you are going to get them a return on their investment. After all investors don’t just choose to give money away for free.

Pension Schemes

A pension scheme is a responsibility that a business owner has to their workers. Each worker pays into their pension scheme and the fixed amount to pay on a monthly or yearly base is matched by the employer. This is so that when an employer retires they still have an income. They can choose to receive a certain amount as a lump sum or just a fixed amount per week, alternatively you can take a loan out on your pension to invest, consultancy companies including Productive Pensions have consultants on hand to give you the facts.


A business cannot run on anything. It needs resources to function, and resources can be anything from stationary to computers and equipment. But these things cost money. A businessman needs to budget accordingly to make sure that they do not go bankrupt due to overspending.