Obsolete Items You’ll Find In Your Office

Despite the advance and ever progressing technology, that there are still some outdated items laying around in most offices today.old office


CD’s which are made from polycarbonate dics (which can be found from SimplyPlastics) have been with us since 1982 but can still be seen today. Some still use them as a storage device but they are nearing in the non existent. They could be a great mirror though.

Printing Calculator

Before those barcode scanners that read and output printed barcodes to a computer that we all see at grocery stores when we head to the counter to pay for the things that we bought, it would be a printed calculator.


Computers rule the world today, but offices lived by typewriters back in the day. Even individuals who had their own typewriters before were considered as the “cool” ones. Now you’d only find a type writer in a vintage shop.

Old wine

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A lot of establishments today strive to go paperless as a contribution to tree conservation and reducing clutter in office due to piles of paper. But, we just have to accept that there are things and instances that still calls for paper.

Staple Remover

They look like torture devices but staple removers have saved a lot of fingers. Trying to remove staples from papers by just plucking them out with fingers has caused more pricked fingers than you can imagine.

Fax Machine

Fax maybe old but it’s still recognised as essential in business communications worldwide. It is traceable, legally binding, secure, and has a cheaper operating cost.

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